Bob Olson

Zenith Zodiac CH601XL


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My homebuilt aircraft project is a Zenith Zodiac CH601XL.  It is a two place low wing aircraft.

   I chose to build an aircraft rather than buy a certificated aircraft because:
     (1) I have always enjoyed the challenge of building things.
     (2) Lower cost of ownership.
     (3) More latitude in choosing engine, airframe, type of fuel, capability of aircraft, etc.
     (4) I enjoy learning new skills and this type of project exposes me to them.
     (5) I needed a project for my retirement which would keep me active, both physically and mentally.

   I chose to build the CH601XL because:
     (1) I wanted to build a metal aircraft.
     (2) Zenith aircraft are of relatively simple construction, which I could do by myself.
     (3) The 601XL has good performance with a moderate sized engine.
     (4) The kit has good optons, especially many engine choices.
     (5) The kit manufacturer has a good reputation and is very accessable.
     (6) This aircraft qualifies as a Light Sport Aircraft if I should need to use it as such.

   This project has offered many challenges and has required many decisions that I have been able to resolve on my own.  It has been a very rewarding experience so far.