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This RV-6A project was started in February of 1992. Back then, the kits were not prepunched and most of the pieces had to be manufactured. The new kits coming from Van's factory must cut out about 40% or more of the hand work that was required with the earlier versions. I am sure that the newer kits are lighter also. This has been a long project, since I have not worked on it continuously over that time. Using the V-8 engine has added about 2 years to the project.

If I had it to do over again, I would not have used the V-8 engine. This is not that I am concerned about the reliability or operating the engine. It is due the exhorbitant amount of time it added to the project. There are no engine mount, cowl, any fittings, exhaust, etc. that can be purchased. Each part must be figured out and designed to fit not only so that it will work, but so that it will fit under the cowl. That is, by no means, an easy task. I used the Belted Air Power belt drive system. It is known to be very reliable. If I had it to do over, I would either go with a standard Lycoming O-360, or, more likely, I would go with the Chevy Vortac V-6 system that Jesse Meyers at Belted Air Power is putting out now. This is a complete kit which all fits together. You just buy your engine and the listed accessories, and the rest is in the kit. It all fits under a standard cowl.

My wife is pressing me to get the airplane into the air in the year 2002. This should be doable. All that is left is to finish up the cowl, do some more upholstery work, and a little wiring under the panel. Then we can start doing some running tests and other functional tests before calling the FAA or DAR. See you all in the air sometime this year.