Angel Flight – 10/15/2006

Photos by David Kalwishky



Today’s Angel Flight was a long one, I took two missions. 


The flight routing was:


1.      Ankeny, IA (IKV) to Clarion, IA (CAV) to pick up my first passenger.

2.      Clarion, IA (CAV) to Rockford, IL (RFD) to drop off my passenger and pick up two more.

3.      Rockford, IL (RFD) to Rochester, MN (RST) to drop off my two passengers.

4.      Rochester, MN (RST) to Ankeny, IA (IKV) to come home.


The trip statistics are:


1.      Burned 72 gallons of fuel

2.      Flew 600 nautical miles (690 statue miles)

3.      Flew for 5.7 hours

4.      Burned 12.6 gallons per hour

5.      Averaged 8.3 nautical miles per gallon (9.5 statue miles per gallon)

6.      Averaged 105 knots (120 miles per hour)


These are the pictures I took of the clouds as we neared Des Moines.