Beedes Lake

Airport IA31



These pictures are of the runway. I have added a yellow box around the runway to make it easier to identify. There is a black dot near the end of the runway by the tree line; this is the only gopher hole we could find. It placement on the picture is approximate from my memory. The hole is just about in the center of the runway so if you land off center you will miss it. It was also not hard to see and avoid when we landed there a week ago.


Weve estimated the trees to be anywhere from 50 80 in height.


The runway is 11 and 29 with a left traffic pattern and a length of 2390 feet and 170 feet wide. The runway is a little on the bouncy side, its not a smooth as Boone or Morningstar.


The GPS coordinates are Lat/Long: 42-45-59.9000N / 093-14-45.7270W
42-45.998333N / 093-14.762117W

42.7666389 / -93.2460353


I took my 182 into there and had NO problems, but if you must land over the trees you will want to be sure you are proficient with landing over an obstacle on a short runway.


The trees are on the approach end of runway 11, the departure end of free of obstacles.


Runway 29 has non obstacles, if you must take off toward the trees and are not gaining altitude quickly enough a turn to the left and its open clear fields. TAs you can see by the pictures the trees latterly end at the runway and its clear to the south.


I also took a couple of pictures of what I believe is the shelter house; I believe this is where we will be having the picnic.


If you have any questions about flying into here I can be reached via e-mail or my cell phone.



Cell: 515-314-7060



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